This webinar was presented on: Monday, April 19th, 2021, 7:00 PM, Sponsored by the Southeast Chapter, NPSNJ
"Rain Gardens: Can You Dig It?"
Lucia Ruggerio, Delaware Bayshore Program Director, American Littoral Society

This Zoom webinar will cover back yard landscaping techniques you can use to make you yard more water and wildlife friendly. Learn how to install and maintain a rain garden, as well as other practices designed to increase pollinator habitat, reduce stormwater runoff, and promote groundwater recharge. Q&A will follow. Come join us for a presentation that will be both practical and inspirational!  

This is the Southeast Chapter meeting. It starts out with an introduction to the chapter and the society. Then a short presentation of spring flowers in the Connor's beautiful garden. Then follows the presentation by Lucia Ruggerio.

Hope you find this talk to be very informative.

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