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The USDA records all the plants that you would normally encounter in natural setting and will indicate whether they are native or introduced. We have a list of rare and endangered plants which you can look for on your hikes and check off on your life list. Here are lists that can be used to select native plants for the types of gardens you want to establish. In addition, we have lists of invasive plant that you want to avoid.


Plant Lists from the USDA database

The USDA database is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source for native plant information. Here, you can search for plants by scientific and common name. The site indicates whether the plant is native to the lower 48 states and the plant's distribution. It also provide the legal status of the plant as well as other information.

For convenience, lists from the USDA database have been compiled into Excel files which can be download from here.

Lists of All New Jersey Vascular Plants
both Native and Introduced.

All the plants are listed by:

  • Scientific name
  • Common name
  • Native - Introduced Status
  • Family
  • Category
  • National Wetland Indicator Status

The Excel files below are sortable/searchable/filterable.

NJ plants - sorted by Scientific Names(Excel .xlsx)

NJ plants - sorted by Common Names (Excel .xlsx)

Lists of Native Trees and Tall Shrubs by County

These lists can serve as a guide for selecting trees for your area. They were compiled from the US Department of Agriculture Plants Database.

In each Excel file, first tab (sheet) lists all the plants. Subsequent tabs each give plants only in the specified county. Each sheet gives the scientific name, common name, and list of all counties the plant is found in.

Counties - Atlantic to Essex
Counties - Gloucester to Morris
Counties - Ocean to Warren

Lists of All Native Vascular Plants by New Jersey County

New Jersey is a big and various state, with many diverse and ecosystems displaying a wide variety of native flora. To help you navigate this vast array of plants, select the appropriate link below to find native plants for your New Jersey county. These lists are based on USDA database.

Please note-change: Originally Union county list included all plants with its native status indicated in the last column. It has been changed to only include native species which is the case for all the other counties. (3/24/2013)

Bergen County
Burlington County
Camden County
Cape May County
Cumberland County
Essex County
Gloucester County
Hudson County
Hunterdon County
Mercer County
Middlesex County
Monmouth County
Morris County
Ocean County
Passaic County
Salem County
Somerset County
Sussex County
Union County
Warren County


Plant Lists of Invasive Species

Invasive Plant Species by Hubert Ling, Ph.D. (2019)

Twenty Most Invasive Plant Species from IPCNYS (2/24/03)

Invasive Plant List

What Are Invasive Plant Species, Anyway?

Native Tree Recommendations

We have had many requests for native trees for landscaping. We have provided here lists to help start your search.

Small native trees for landscaping

Large and small native trees for landscaping

Street Trees for NJ outside the Pine Barrens

Native Plants for Gardens

Below are articles and lists giving guidance for native plants for various garden conditions or purposes. All suggested plants are native.

Going Native Northern NJ

Beautiful Native Plants Year-Round

Native Plants for Deep Shade

Native Groundcovers including Grasses & Sedges for Sun & Shade

Native Plants for Wet Places

Easy to Grow Native Field Plants

Plants for Semishade & Dry Sites

Easy Plants for Semi-shade & Moist Sites

Plants for Woodland

Wildflowers for Shade

NJ Native Butterfly Host Plants


Plants for Pollinators

Deer "Resistant" Native Plants

List of NJ Native Threathened/Endangered Plants

NJDEP List of Endangered Plant Species and Plant Species of Concern June 2016

Another comprehensive site for plant distribution: BONAP

The Biota of North America Program-North American Vascular Flora. The site provides distribution maps of the plants 

BONAP home page 

BONAP search by genus-->county level maps 

BONAP search by genus-->state level maps 



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