Lord Stirling West Deer Exclosure - Botanical Survey

In the fall of 2014 the Highland Park Regional Chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey took a field trip to Environmental Education Center at Lord Stirling Park.Towards the end of the walk Park Ranger Maria Rossi invited us into one of two seven year old deer exclosures where we began a search for native plants. We discovered quite a few and decided to return in the spring to conduct plant surveys of both exclosures.

On May 10, 2015 between 2pm and 4pm, the chapter surveyed the West deer exclosure and recorded about 40 plant species. The list below contains more native species than introduced ones. Black cherry (Prunus serotina) and hickory (Carya) were the most common tree saplings seen. There were some dogwood (Cornus), elm (Ulmus) and oak (Quercus) saplings. We saw dense clumps of Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum), jewelweed (Impatiens capensis), Canada mayflower(Maianthemum canadense) and spring beauties (Claytonia virginica). The West exclosure measures approximately 100' x 80'.

One can see how effective the deer exclosure is when comparing the inside of the exclosure to the outside. There is a lack of understory in those parts of the woods where deer consume most of the native shrubs and tree saplings growing outside the exclosure.

Participants braving the bugs.


We will survey the East exclosure this summer. If you are interested in participating contact Mary and Belinda at highlandpark@npsnj.org


The enclosure was divided into 5 sections and labeled A to E. An estimate was made of the amount in each section.

Lord Stirling Park, Botanical Inventory, WEST Deer Exclosure May 10, 2015

Survey conducted by the Highland Park Regional Chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey
N=Native,I=Introduced, S=a few, C=several, D=many
scientific name common name N/I A B C D E comments links to photo page
Trees and Shrubs                
Acer rubrum Red maple N   S          
Acer sp. maple             Saplings � Norway?  
Amelanchier arborea shadbush N   S S       photos
Carya sp hickory N C C   C C    
Clethra alnifolia sweet pepperbush N     S   S    
Cornus florida flowering dogwood N S S S S S   photos
Cornus racemosa gray dogwood N S            
Corylus americana hazelnut? N           planted?  
Crataegus sp. Hawthorn   S S          
Elaeagnus umbellata autumn olive I         S    
Fraxinus sp. Ash N S S     S    
Ilex opaca American holly N S S S       photos
Ilex verticillata winterberry holly N S S S        
Ligustrum vulgare privet I       S      
Lindera benzoin spicebush N   S   S     photos
Lonicera sp. bush honeysuckle I S            
Picea sp. spruce     S          
Prunus serotina black cherry N C C C C C    
Quercus palustris pin oak N S            
Quercus rubra northern red oak N S S S S S    
Rosa multiflora multiflora rose I S S S S S    
Rubus sp. blackberry             In some sections  
Sambucus canadensis elderberry N     S S      
Ulmus sp. elm N S S S S S    
Viburnum dentatum arrowwood viburnum N   S   S S    
Viburnum lentago nannyberry N           Planted  
Celastrus orbiculatus Chinese bittersweet I       S S    
Lonicera japonica Japanese honeysuckle I       S S    
Parthenocissus quinquefolia Virginia creeper N C C C C C    
Smilax rotundifolia greenbrier/catbrier N           In most areas  
Toxicodendron radicans poison ivy N S   S   S   photos
Vitis sp. Wild grape N S            
Allium vineale field garlic I C C          
Arisaema triphyllum Jack-in-the-pulpit N C C     C   photos
Cardamine impatiens narrowleaf bittercress I     S        
Claytonia virginica spring beauty N C C C C C   photos
Hieracium caespitosum (Hieracium pratense) field hawkweed I     S        
Impatiens capensis jewelweed N C C C C C    
Maianthemum canadense Canada mayflower N C C C C C    
Packera aurea (Senecio aureus) golden ragwort N     S        
Ranunculus sp.             S    
Taraxacum officinale dandelion I S            
Viola sororia common violet N     S   S    
Dryopteris sp. wood fern N           In some sections  
Onoclea sensibilis sensitive fern N       C C    
Carex sp. sedge   S            
Microstegium vimineum Japanese stiltgrass I D D D D D