This webinar was presented on: Wed, April 21,2021, 7:00 PM
"Bloodroot, Bluebells and Butterflies: Spring Beauties for Biodiversity"
Deb Ellis, Essex Chapter Co-Leader

When we garden, we can support biodiversity through the plants we choose! In this workshop you will learn how to grow the beautiful and unusual flowers of the spring native garden and how they sustain native bees and butterflies early in the season. Since many of these flowers are shade lovers, they grow well under deciduous trees.  

Deb Ellis Deb Ellis is an environmental activist who is passionate about teaching how to use native plants to promote biodiversity and heal the Earth. She is the founder and co-leader of the Essex County chapter of the Native Plant Society of New Jersey, a Master Gardener, has served on the Montclair Environmental Commission, and has had a Certified Backyard Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation for 15 years. A retired social justice lawyer, Deb served in leadership positions in nonprofit organizations and received several awards for public service, including being named as a Champion of Change by President Obama.

Hope you find this talk to be very informative.

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